Feedback from anonymous students given through Student Feedback on Teaching Forms.

ANI230: 3d Modeling Workshop

“…he is able to stimulate my thoughts (not only spoon-feeding)”, “Very relaxed and comfortable learning environment. Very approachable, and very willing to give help and critique”, ”The lecture slides proves to be very useful”, “He always willing to help us to solve the problems for our homework, not only class exercises but also from other subjects such as animation seminar”, “He’s a very helpful and encouraging teacher. Friendly and easy to approach too”, “The projects gets difficult progressively. Hence being able to grasp tiny bits of the modelling principle, and apply it well and into the overall learning process”.

ANI260: Intro to Storyboarding

“He has a very clear plan on what he plans to teach, and follows very closely to the schedule which makes the student understand the direction he’s heading. Lots of video example and screening which is good“, “Did a lot of research to show us the examples of a good storyboard as well as how making a animation story”

Other course comments are as follows:
  • “Encouraging and approachable”
  • “Knows his Maya, encouraging and patient with students;very strong knowledge over his subjects and very helpful. I think it is pretty good that Prof Mark posted all the tutorials online, so we do not have to be too busy to take down notes and stuff. The online tutorial allow us to figure out at our own pace which makes it less pressurizing. He is very friendly and approachable too! :D”
  • “Prof Mark has provided us with great video tutorials for us to learn at home in case we dont understand / cant catch up during class time.”
  • “After each lecture, he would go around the class to each student, teaching us whatever we missed out on or did not understand.”
  • “I think it’s quite obvious that he enjoys 3D modeling and he really really knows alot. He is also quite approachable when we seek his help individually. He also gives us a lot of information about how the real-life industry is like and gives us apt exposure to other works and stuff.”
  • “Prof Chavez knows his subject well, and is open to suggestions and improvements by the class. He would also go to each student and assist us in any problem we face, guiding us one step at a time.”
  • “He is very patient with the class, and makes sure he gets to individually talk to students and receive their input on their progress so far and to help them with any problems. He is very prompt in uploading tutorials and helpful external info links on the edventure portal so that students get to learn other things which may not have been fully covered in class due to time constraints. He takes a great deal of interest in his students’ works.”
  • “He encourages creativity and is understanding to students who are new to the Maya software. He is also readily encouraging students to find him outside class time to help us with our troubleshoot in Maya. Thank you!”
  • “He would spend any amount of time to explain the methods and concepts to each individual student.”
  • “Prof Mark is patient in his teaching and always willing to help.”