Ang Yi Zhi

16th August 2010

I am writing this testimonial to express my enthusiastic support for the consideration of Assitant Professor Mark Chavez as a successful applicant for tenure at Nanyang Technological University.

I was a student for 3 modules and semesters in Asst. Prof Chavez’s studio electives at School of Art, Design & Media in 2007 – 2008. He continued to be my mentor in school when I was no longer attending his classes.

He was dedicated and extremely helpful and I am glad to have approached him for guidance and critique during the period of my Final Year Project.

I have graduated and am now working with Asst. Prof Chavez as a Research Animator in his current Research Project. My views on Asst. Prof Chavez are derived not only from my several years of student-mentor association with him, but also from my personal evaluation of him against the broad range of professors that my peers and I have encountered over the course of 4 years, especially when the team of professors in ADM had constantly been changing.

Asst. Prof Chavez’s unique gift as a mentor inheres in his ability to combine demands on his students to excel with a sincere desire that they succeed, and the willingness to share and help the learning process with his great deal of experience from his industry work before coming here. He constantly looks to improve students’ learning experience by altering the way he teaches to cater to the different needs of the students.

His insistence on his students learning accurately is well accompanied by great warmth and understanding. He supports each student’s individual struggles with guidance and patience. I have never seen him grow impatient with any student’s questions, or fail to try his best to help a sincere learner. At consultations, he would always offer his advice and teach us in depth, often spending twice as much time as the consultation slot had indicated. I have also never seen a professor who becomes so genuinely and obviously pleased when his students do well.

He not only has dreams and goals for his students, but also in his research projects. His passion, faith, and goals indeed influence people around him to embrace creativity with courage and endurance. Asst. Prof Chavez is a true mentor even outside the class time. Despite his workload, he is always willing to take time to chat with students about ideas, career, goals and life in general.

Not only has his enthusiasm and support deeply inspired and motivated me to meet the challenges that I faced since my first class with him, it has also encouraged me to pursue my dreams in my career and life upon graduation.

Many more good things could be said about Asst. Prof Chavez; I hope I have successfully conveyed the essence of it. Asst. Prof Chavez deserves recognition for the good work he has done and the school he has served. Your committee would be well justified in granting him this award for tenure at NTU.


Ang Yi Zhi