The Yellow Ribbon Project

In collaboration with and coordinated by SCORE (Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises), part of the “Yellow Ribbon Project”, I set up a lab to promote skills and promote ‘Creative Learning with Storytelling’ using game engine technology or Machinima techniques for inmates of the Singapore Prison System at Kaki Bukit Prison School as part of their rehabilitation. This work was recognized and granted a Special Recognition Award at the Yellow Ribbon “Celebrating Second Chances Awards 2008,” Saturday, 6 Sept 08, in recognition of work done with inmates in the Singapore prison system as part of “Creating Socially Relevant Content in the Digital Animation Form” research project. A National Award that resulted from research inspired volunteer work.

Service Award

Receiving a Special Recognition Award in 2008: Special Recognition Award Yellow Ribbon Celebrating Second Chances Awards 2008, Saturday, 6 Sept 08, in recognition of work done with inmates in the Singapore prison system.


Comments from Students

“It has added value to the school as during National Youth Achievement Awards(NYAA), it was one of the presented items for the visitors. During the NYAA, GOH, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan who wasn’t new to Machinima shared to SOP, “Machinima is going to be the next big thing.” As Machinima is a big movement that is catching on in Asia, it is indeed a privilege for students in Singapore to be the first to ride the wave moreover inmates from KBC. The Course pushes creativity because the limitation of scenes in the Game templates available, challenges learners to use different camera angles and unique editing techniques. It brings out the artistic desire of different individuals when they take it further by exporting their movies from the game to a real editing software as the The Movie’s basic editing capabilities could not fulfill their demanding needs. With the course, it brought certain hidden talents out of their comfort zone to realize their newly discovered potential and interest. The course has strengthen the desire of some dedicated students and also the relationship of students when they teach each other the ropes. The game exposes students to the way how western film business are like, especially the process from studio making to script-writing to post-production to screening. Students learned to be independent as the course very much depends on their resourcefulness and creativity. And most of the basic concept of story-telling were covered by the lecturer in the beginning stages. Professional script writing opensource-softwares were provided to help students learn the correct way to write a script and storyboard. Collaboration between KBC and NTU students were introduced when female voice-overs and music were required. In preparation for the course, mindsets were changed. Example; many prison officers thought students were playing games but were convinced otherwise. Already, the technique has been put to use in special projects and also the KBC FM where virtual characters become hosts during the Sunday airing.”