[Vengeance + Vengeance]

As an animation professional it is important that I produce animated content to both stay up-to-date in my area of focus and to maintain a fresh and contemporary approach to the work and to test out my production theories. It is important as well to have a firm understanding of the field itself as a creative playground and to understand the subtleties of iconic meaning imbedded in artistic aspects of the work. The awards listed below show testament to the validity of my ideas. Having my film [Vengeance + Vengeance] win 11 awards with 18 Official Selection in film festivals and competitions validates the theoretical aspect of the research on real and tangible international stage.

Official Screenings in Film Festivals and Competitions

Albuquerque Film and Media Experience
June 2013
Vegas Indie Film Fest!
May 2013
Bronze Bulb Award
13th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival
May 2013
Best Animation Award
22nd Arizona International Film Festival
Apr 2013
Animation Hall of Fame’s (AHOF) Savannah International Animation Festival
Apr 2013
Best Game Animation Award
Jeridoo Universal Film Festival
Apr 2013
Colortape International Film Festival
Apr 2013
Best Animation & Best Direction
Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
Feb 2013
Canada International Film Festival 2013
Jan 2013
Royal Reel Award
The Accolade Competition
Jan 2013
Award of Merit
The California Film Awards
Jan 2013
Best Animated Short
Love Unlimited Film Festival
Dec 2012
Best of Fest Visual Effects
European Film Festival
Nov 2012
Oaxaca FilmFest
Nov 2012
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival
Nov 2012
Third Prize
Vegas Cine Fest, 2012
Oct 2012
Honorary Mention
Marbella International Film Festival
Oct 2012
Best Animation Award
Roseville Animation Festival
Sept 2012
Private “Invitation Only” Screening “Animation Crossings”
FilmGarde Bugis+ Singapore Screening, 300+ people in attendance
Jan 2013
Screenings within an Academic Setting, “Perspectives in Animation”, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
ACM SIGGRAPH Local Hong Kong Screening
Mar 2012