Personal Statement

Mark Chavez

My name is Mark Chavez. I hold a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Animation, awarded from the UCLA Film School of which I attended during the 1980’s. After having worked in digital animation production for more than 25 years, I made a change in my career and moved to Singapore in 2005 to help set up the animation area at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, and Media, a leading research university in Singapore. I currently teach digital sculpting (3d modeling with ZBrush and Autodesk Maya 2014) and Game Production Fundamentals (with Unity3D) in the Interactive Area, teaching students the technical and analytical thinking needed to bring their ideas to life. I’ve taught undergraduates numerous subjects including Storyboarding, Animation Pre-Production, Basics of Drawing and have mentored Final Year Projects (FYP), our capstone fourth year course. I’ve also supervised and mentored a few computer engineering students in their Digital Entertainment Technology, Masters of Science (MSc) degree. My students have gone on to win numerous awards for their work, set up their own companies and have established themselves as leaders in the visual effects industry.

I am the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Educators Programme Chair for the inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia held in Singapore. I was part of a small team that brought the conference held in the United States to Asia. I am also the SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Art Gallery Chair held in Hong Kong and themed Future/Past. It was the first SIGGRAPH Asia to include a traditional gallery exhibits, performances, Augmented Reality public art installation and notably, an Art Papers Programme.

When in industry I worked on numerous projects at major studios in the interactive media and games, television and live action visual effects and fully animated feature film industry. Although early in my career I directed animated shorts that were projected in laser light, my movie directing debut is with the animated short [Vengeance+Vengeance] (2012). It was executed as part of a larger research project titled “Cinematics and Narratives: creating stories within real-time visual toolsets” The short film is currently touring film festivals and has won a number of awards. I have a research report ISBN: 978-981-07-2660-7 published online here.

My current research interests are in TRANSMEDIA Entertainment Development for animated content and concerns the development of a testing site for the examination of appeal in design and comical character scenarios for games. It is hosted on a conversational game site titled Artificial Comedy and a YouTube Channel promotional animated short subject website that utilizes the in game characters expanded into their world with developed personalities and subject matter.

View my academic CV here.