Software that I like:

Buy People Putty!!!

Alias - Maya, my software of choice

Izware - Mirai (they're still going strong!), the remnants of the Symbolics Graphics Corporation (my first professional cgi package), Nichimen Graphics and others.


Automated Personalities:

Peter Plantec's Book on Virtual Humans I got listed as a Pro V-Human designer, cool huh?

The Simon Laven Page a catalogued directory of chat bots

A.L.I.C.E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation Dr. Richard Wallace's Alicebot: opensource AIML technology

Pandorabots A lisp based implementation of AIML; create your own bot!

The Chatterbot Challenge a contest for chatterbot geeks

Loebner Prize Contest a university sponsored Artificial Intelligence chat-bot contest


The Future is now!


LA Siggraph

Association for
Computing Machinery



Other Bots That Use a Haptek Interface:

Foxy Botachelli








Miscellaneous link pages:

Links page

Rings page


Nadia Prose Some of my bro's writing, gotta get that dude to divvy up some more.


Personality Capture at its Finest!

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Personality Capture at its Finest!

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