ELIZA emulates a Rogerian psychotherapist.

ELIZA has almost no intelligence whatsoever, only tricks like string substitution and canned responses based on keywords. Yet when the original ELIZA first appeared in the 60's, some people actually mis-took her for human. The illusion of intelligence works best, however, if you limit your conversation to talking about yourself and your life. Gil Millholland changed it a bit to be more modern, reflecting today's issues. Gil Has degrees in Psychology, Education, and Computer Science.

has created the character within the Haptek player window for real-time display and is in the process of adapting this script to other needs.

Future plans are to incorporate Dr. Richard Wallace's Alicebot open source AI technology.

This javascript version of ELIZA was created by George Dunlop.

Special thanks to Haptek for the Haptek player.

Have fun!


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