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The Artificial Comedy and Chatterbots online at CLONE3D is a portfolio of originally sculpted, painted and animated 3d characters, digital art, animation and artificial intelligence.

To view CLONE3D at it's fullest potential you must download and install the Haptek Player. The Haptek Character SDK is programmed with chaos theory and parametric animation techniques (as developed by a foun techniques (as developed by a founder of Haptek, Dr. Robert Shaw); resulting in ever changing character performances.

By using Dr. Richard Wallace's award winning chatterbot technology ALICE as implemented by Pandorabots, (Program Z), CLONE3D has created realtime 3d characters that can speak to you and respond to your input.
Featuring performances by hand-crafted, real time, digital characters. The site intends to blend game technology with animated character driven entertainment and original presentation.
The player is only functional onWindows based systems. Download will take about 15 seconds to load the install page,... then upon your approval, approximately 2 minutes to auto-install the player on a 56k dial-up connection. You must have administrator privaleges for installation to work.
Within the CLONE3D site, Virtual Girl, at 770kb takes about 4 minutes to load on a 56k dial-up. The Virtual Girl pages, contain links to numerous jokes that will load off the internet at a click (I've recorded over 2 hours worth). The personality capture of Nadia will tell you a joke.


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